VVV08 Drumming

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Drumming group members:

Dr. Hatice Kose-Bagci (Drum-mate: Human-Humanoid Interactive Drumming game)

Sarah Degallier (Movement generation for drumming using coupled dynamical systems)

Approach 1: Drum-mate: Human-Humanoid Interactive Drumming game This approach is based on the social interaction between the human participant and iCub. Using the audioAnalyser module, we get the drumming/beating sound from microphones, and send to the controller module, to implement a right-handed drummer robot. Using the other hand(e.g. waving), and the facial gestures, iCub also shows gestures as social cues to motivate the human participant to play more. Currently we are using a deterministic turn-taking mechanism, where, iCub waits for a fixed time duration after the human stops beating for each turn and tries to imitate the human's drumming. Also the audioAnalyser module is integrated to the drum controller in the approach 2, for gathering interaction.

Approach 2: Movement generation for drumming using coupled dynamical systems We are working on a controller for drumming allowing for the control of the four limbs and the head and the online modulation of the parameters as the frequency, the coordination between the limbs and the target pad through a GUI. We would also like to add a visual feedback to locate the different pads of the drums; currently the target position corresponding to each drum is predefined.