VVV08 Wish List

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Wish List for VVV08


  • A scanning facility to see all namespaces available.
Should be easy, at least on a wired network (as opposed to wireless)


  • Embed video from external camera on a screen within simulator.
    • Done! There's a patch; check with the Visual Attention group. A bit messy now, support should be showing up in the "official" simulator soon.
    • Update: now supported officially in CVS, see conf/Video.ini
  • Multiple iCubs looking at each other via video or (better) sharing physical space.
  • Incorporate new types of robots in the Simulator, humanoids or other types (WAM, Staübli, etc.), and be able to control them by YARP, of course.
    • Might be interesting to look at Gazebo compatability; projects are compatible.
    • There is also a webots simulator for the iCub (but webots is not free software).
  • The Simulator is very resource hungry in some machines. We wonder if it could be possible to change some physical simulation variables like the simulation-time-step and also the complexity of surface model of the robot(to have less triangles for example). This variables could be configurable with a configuration file.
    • The robot head can be turn off from conf/iCub_parts_activation.ini
    • various parts of the robot can be turned off from the same file
    • The timestep is not yet configurable, would be good to add this.


Yarp Application Script/GUI Framework

  • General Goal: Have an easy way to work with a bunch of modules (an application) (start/stop; connect/disconnect; manipulate parameters online)
  • Develop some reusable GUI components
    • Done: A yarp connection widget for establishing / changing / checking a connection can be found in iCub/src/gui/libQWidgetConnection
    • Done: An embedable image viewer widget for building integrated GUIs
    • Wish: A 'wrapper-GUI' reads a yarp-application configuration and assembles dynamically the appropriate GUI for the described application.
  • Discuss and establish a script and configuration structure for describing and configuring yarp applications (an extension / improvement to the setup found in e.g. iCub/app/attention_manual).
    • Suggestion (Paul / Jonas): An *.ini file should describe the application configuration. In order to read a configuration file using bash scripts yarp could/will be extended to feature a command to read a property from an ini-file.
    • Suggestion (Paul / Jonas): The application configuration file could contain sections/groups describing the setup for the different modules. For the yarp connections, one entry in such a group would point to a separate myModuleConnection.ini file which contains a list of sourcePort/targetPort/protocol entries. Such a connection configuration file could be read by connect-scripts and/or buy GUIs creating a bunch of connection-widgets.