VVV11 How to start the robot

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  • Check that red power button is pressed
  • Switch on power supply
  • Check voltage
  a. press ovp to check: 13 volt for master (small one), 20 ampere
  b. and set (slave) lower one to 41 volt / 20 ampere
  • Switch on CPU power
  • Wait one minute
  • Connect to pc104
  a. ssh pc104
  b. If this is successful, the iCub embedded PC has booted up correctly 
  • Run yarpserver@yourPC
  a. yarpserver
  • Start Cameras @pc104
  a. icubmoddev - - device grabber - - subdevice dragonfly2 - - name /icub/cam/left - - gain 0.9
  b. yarpview - - name /icub/view 
  c. yarp connect  /icub/cam/left /icub/view
  • Switch on motor power
  a. Wait 10 seconds for blue lights of embedded controllers
  b. Lift red power button
  • Start iCubInterface@pc104
  a. ssh icub@pc104
  b. iCubInterface 

Important: Robot now immediately starts to move! It should perform self-calibration. Look for Finished robot calibration in console output. The robot should finally reach its calibration position.

If you want to trail please do.