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Starcraft (1+Broodwar) Evening

The Starcraft evening :

  • Meet at 20H50 in hotel (Due Mari) breakfast room
  • Session will be held at the summer school
  • A USB stick with the game will circulate, but is is still better if we can install before

Commanders list :

  • Katrin
  • Stéphane (Zerg forever)
  • Paolo/Serena (Zerg)
  • Patrick
  • Ingo (Protoss ftw)
  • Kiril (I will kill all the Zergs :) if I find a mouse)
  • Seungsu (Protoss - I'm a real beginner! Please don't consider me as a South Korean Pro-Gamer :) )
  • Ashwini (Terran - I'm here just for fun! Dont kill me in a hurry! )