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More information will be provided at groups presentation (Thursday?).

I've set up a git repository at https://github.com/spiglerg/vvv12 (git clone https://github.com/spiglerg/vvv12.git), to share code and data:

People are welcome to join! :)

  • Giacomo

Preliminary Results

- Cameras are calibrated (calibration parameters in repository)

- Table detection utility + Camera/Robot frame conversion: put a marker on a table, and use the included functions for all possible coordinate transformations (eg, pixels2camera, pixels2robot_frame, table2image, ...)

- Checkerboard detection using small ARToolkit markers

- Kinematics, hand position and impedance control

- Finger push on board with force feedback and impedance control, working pretty well

- Finger push piece from a cell to another (pre-determined ;) ) one [w/o moving the other pieces on board]

Next Steps

- Computer vision: detect units on board

- Grasp/push/move a piece on the board (w/ visual servoing)