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intrinsically motivated motor map learning

we'll be working on behaviours in connection with our MoBeE framework, providing self collision avoidance, reflexive behavours, uncertainty, etc.


  • design specific reflexive behaviors
  • look at how uncertainty can be used as intrinsic motivation to (safly) explore a workspace
  • ... (add yours here)

installing MoBeE

the two reference papers can be found here:


A snapshot from the IM-Clever GIT repository of our code can be found here:

http://Juxi.net/projects/MoBeE.zip (3.8mb)

Fist of all you will need a third-party library called SOLID from Dtecta. --> http://www.dtecta.com/

For installation on Ubuntu 12.04, please check MoBeE installation


  • Kail Frank
  • Juxi Leitner