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Poeticon++ description

The main objective of POETICON++ is the development of a computational mechanism for generalisation of motor programs and visual experiences for robots. To this end, it will integrate natural language and visual action/object recognition tools with motor skills and learning abilities, in the iCub humanoid. Tools and skills will engage in a cognitive dialogue for novel action generalisation and creativity experiments in two scenarios of "everyday activities", comprising

  • behaviour generation through verbal instruction, and
  • visual scene understanding.


  • Vadim Tikhanoff
  • Panagiotis Dimitrakis
  • George Karakatsiotis
  • Giovanni Saponaro
  • Duarte Aragão

Behaviour generation through verbal instruction

Through a number of object and action learning sessions, the iCub will acquire knowledge of specific objects and actions. These will be stored in the PRAXICON-episodic memory (i.e. visual, motoric, tactile representations as provided by iCub will be stored in the PRAXICON-episodic, along with language labels that will be given to those objects and actions). They will also be linked automatically to the PRAXICON-Semantic Memory, which will allow for use of this knowledge in a systematic way for generalisation.

Visual scene understanding

Interpretation and understanding of human action.