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YARP works well with most versions of ACE, however some versions might not work properly on some systems. We do our best to fix the problems we encounter, but it is impossible to keep compatibility between YARP and all versions of ACE. In particular we are dropping compatibility with (very) old versions of ACE, since in some cases they do not work well with recent compilers.

Likewise, very recent versions of ACE may be still untested so could be more likely to have problems.

We provide here a list of known working configurations.


Packaged versions of ACE on Linux Debian etch and lenny. Packaged versions of ACE in Ubuntu 9.4 and 9.10.

ACE 5.7.0, ACE 6.0.1 compiled using instructions in InstallingACE (important).


Probably all versions. Most tested versions are 5.5.5, 5.7.0, 5.8.0 and 6.0.1.

Visual Studio 9 (2008) and probably Visual Studio 10 do not compile ace 5.5.5, so in this case you should use another version.