Cognitive Architecture Ideas

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  • Affective state should influence more than just action selection, e.g.
    • an aspect of the associative memory (so that emotions are associated with events)
    • a modulator of salience (so that certain features can be modulated by motivations)
  • ...
  • Clarity is needed on distinction between auto-associative and hetero-associative memory modules. A better distinction is between episodic memories, procedural memories, and generalized world modeling. All of these should probably be multimodal with unimodal subnetworks.
  • It is not clear to me that there is a fundamental distinction between locomotion, reaching, and grasping. Although the inputs are different (e.g. vestibular system in locomotion and haptic feedback in grasping), the fundamental algorithm might be the same in the brain. All relate to the goal of changing the robots position to a desired location in space. For example, brachiation requires all three of these tasks to be performed as a single coordinated motion.