School 09 notes

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Comments about the 09 summer school:

  • Giorgio: the best group of students ever, thanks for all the fun!
  • Stéphane: as great as last year, and probably as the next one ! Keep on fighting kinematic :oP
  • Charles: Nice group of people, and really good working atmosphere ... and more :D.
  • David: Immensely enjoyable and productive 10 days ... a big thank you to the instructors & organizers.
  • Nieves: A really beautiful experience! One of the best in my life. I have learnt a lot about robotics, humanity and friendship! Thank you very much!
  • Federico Ruiz-Ugalde: I will never forget this experience. A unique experience for life!! Working with a complete free-software/hardware humanoid robot it's an honor, and also in this nice place with great, friendly, collaborative and enthusiastic people with such a weather. Just amazing. I would like to give a lot of thanks to the organizers, they did a great job again. (And the food was the great!) And ..., and... . Hope to see you soon!
  • Manfred Kroehnert: The summerschool was an overall great experience. Nice people,nice location and nice robots. Thanks to all participants and primarily to the organizers of the summerschool. Hope to see you soon, too!