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This is a page for those interested in working on the iCub Cognitive Architecture at VVV09.


The purpose of the iCub Cognitive Architecture is to create a system for cognition on the platform which is consistent with neuroscience. The focus right now for the group is on creating modules for the architecture that have been missing until now:

  • an auto-associative memory
  • a hetero-associative procedural memory

Both the specifications and implementations of these are being addressed by this group.

Group Contributors

  • David
  • Logan
  • Lydia
  • Alberto
  • Federico T.
  • Giovanni
  • Charles
  • Stephane


The current code which has been created for this is available on Google Code. You can check it out here: http://code.google.com/p/icubcogarch/source/checkout


  • Currently, we have an implementation of a color histogram intersection method for pattern matching. This is being folded into a YARP module. In addition, we plan on making a C++ interface for the auto-associative memory so that many different implementations can tap into this specification.
  • 7/24/09 -- The basic functionality of the color histogram implementation of the AAM works now as a YARP module in simulation. A few finishing touches are being done to ensure that the module takes full advantage of things like the Resource Finder. Giovanni has created a template for the AAM, that expands it to take any kind of implementation. Documentation and tackling the application driver are hopefully the next steps.

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