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The aim subject is the learning of the forward kinematic model.

FAQ like

Why learn the model, we already have an analytic method ?

  • A human like approach.
  • To validate the feasibility of such kind of learning.

Why the forward model ?

  • To keep all the information of the model (i.e infinity of pseudo-inverse of the Jacobian, null space computation).

Why the kinematic ?

  • Because the geometric model is not easily invertible.

What kind of algorithm is using ?

  • LWPR, (Locally Weighted Projection Regression) [Vijayakumar 2005]. A powerfull online learning algorithm based on multiple linear regression computation in the space the most adapted (PLS).

What are the results ?

  • The model is learned and uses "successfully" on the robot.

What about the "keep all the information" ?

  • With the learned model we are able to control two end-effectors with a priority on one of them.

So, what did you do here ?

  • I tried to learn the model ... without the model but with the vision.

And ?

  • I have learned the model by attended motor babbling (As we play with the "end effector" of a baby).
  • I "wanted" to be able to track two objects (my end effector and another object ... But it is apparently not so easy :p) in order to complete the learning of the model still as if we were playing with a child.