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== Video Archive ==
== Video Archive ==
=== 23.07.2009 ===
# [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySKHEyFYKag iCub Airwalk Part1]]
# [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpqqyUq29Y4 iCub Airwalk Part2]]

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The proposal evolves as time goes by.

  • Matlab simulation for generating various walking patterns, outputting a database;
  • Vision detection of commands from human commander, such as start, pause, resume, and etc;
  • Communication with real robot iCub via YARP, to perform aerial walking.

Team members

  • Nieves Pavón;
  • Manfred Kroehnert
  • Fan ZHANG
  • Zhi Bin LI


  • Currently our group is able to make the robot walk in the air. Initial test of real iCub is going to perform on 16:00 23rd July.
  • Fan ZHANG is trying to link Matlab to iCub simulator.

Big Events

iCub is walking in VVV09 summer school

The test of iCub was performed as scheduled. The whole control frame is explained in our wiki page. Firstly, the dynamic simulation was performed in iCub simulator environment. Secondly, we switched the communication from the simulator to the real robot iCub. Then, it performed Moon Walk!

Special thanks should be given to Manfred Kroehnert. He is the VC++ expert in our team who implements my simulation to real application. Our next step is to introduce the vision intelligence. iCub will be able to receive hand posture commands from human operator! =)


Video Archive


  1. [iCub Airwalk Part1]
  2. [iCub Airwalk Part2]