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Task 1: Interactive Object Learning ++

Contributors (alphabetical order): (Alessandro, Lorenzo, Ugo, Vadim)

The interactive object learning demonstration could be improved in many ways:

Subtask 1.1: Add some human-robot interaction components


  • Look around to gaze at people (Reza's work)
  • Learn and recognize faces with a more natural robot interaction (Vadim's work)

Subtask 1.2: Smartphone in the loop

Contributors (alphabetical order): (Alessandro, Francesco R., Vadim) This also links to SubSubTask 3.2

  • Speech analysis and send commands to the robot
  • Object recognition

Task 2: Evaluate real-time extensions in complex motor control tasks

Contributors: Ali, Lorenzo, Silvio?, Francesco(?), Luca?, Enrico?

Robots: iCub & Coman

Subtask 2.1 Perform fine tuning of control loops in complex tasks using real-time extensions in YARP

Subtask 2.2 This discussion also involves the design and development of a real-time execution layer for the robotinterface

Task 3: Improve the platform as we know it

Subtask 3.1 Improve Gazebo Simulator

SubSubTask 3.1.1 Add a full simulation of the eyes' system

SubSubTask 3.1.2 Add a full simulation of the hands' system

Subtask 3.2 Smartphone in the loop

Contributors (alphabetical order): (Alessandro, Francesco R., Randazzo, Vadim)

SubSubTask 3.2.1 YARPdroid will pave the way...

SubSubTask 3.2.2 ...and iOSYARP will try to keep up!