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A reminder: the summer school is BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop), and we expect you to be ready and able to program in C++. It will also be very helpful if you take some time before the school to follow the steps outlined on this page.

Install CMake

We'd like you all to use the development environment you are used to, and not force you to switch to something else -- no Linux/g++/emacs vs Windows/DevStudio vs Mac/... fights please!

To achieve this without complete chaos, we ask you to install "CMake". CMake lets us describe our programs and libraries in a cross-platform way. CMake takes care of creating the makefiles or workspaces needed by whatever development environment you like to work in.

Install ACE

CMake liberates your code from the particular development environment you are using. But it will still have operating-system dependencies that will make life at the summer school difficult. ACE is a free and open source library that provides an excellent portable interface to a vast array of operating systems, dealing with the details so you don't have to.

Check your Installation

To make sure everything is in working, you can download a sample test project.

If you have problems, on Linux, running make, try to add:

# if !defined(_REENTRANT)
#  define _REENTRANT 1
# endif

in file /usr/include/ace/config-lite.h

Unpack the project, run CMake in it, compile, and run the program. All going well it will say (can you guess?) "Hello World" a few times, using multiple threads. Yay!