Saturday's pizza

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We are going to eat pizza together on Saturday night.

We meet at 20.15 at Pizzeria il Focone, via 5 Maggio, 20. Please consider that public transportation to the Pizzeria might take 2 hours (maybe less but we can't guarantee on the connecting time).


From S.Biagio to downtown Genoa, either: - Bus 9 to Piazza Caricamento (close to Porto Antico), from Porto Antico to de Ferrari you can walk or take the subway (S.Giorgio station to de Ferrari) OR - Bus 7 (or 9) to Brin Subway station, then subway to Piazza de Ferrari.

Directions: take bus n.15 from Piazza Dante (adjacent to Piazza de Ferrari) to Quarto. Ask the bus driver to get off at the Garibaldi's statue (monumento). You have to walk back them a few hundreds meters to the Pizzeria.

In case of troubles: Radio Taxi: +39 010 5966 Giorgio's cell phone: +39 320 421 8836