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Here, we give some tips on how to get to your hotel, the "Hotel San Biagio" in Genova Bolzaneto. Its address is:

   Via Romairone, 14
   16163, Genova Bolzaneto, Italy

The approximate location of the hotel can be seen on Google Maps, and the relative location of the IIT (Via Morego 30) is here.

From Genoa Airport

We would suggest to all our guests to take a taxi from the airport. The journey is not very long, but is quite complicated to get here by public transport. You should expect to pay a tariff around 15 to 20 euro from the airport. This depends on the time; usually if you take a taxi after 10.00p.m. you'll be paying twice the price.

From Genoa Principe Railway Station

From the train station PRINCIPE we can take the bus number 7 or a taxi (you will expect to pay a tariff around 15 to 20 euro). With the bus number 7 (orange colour) after 20/30 minutes you will see at your left side a big building with the sign METRO written at the top. There's some general information about buses in Genoa on the CompagnIIT site. You'll need to get off the bus at the second stop. If you don’t feel comfortable you can ask to the bus driver to tell you the stop for the shopping mall "L’AQUILONE" (pronounced LAH KWEE LOW NAY). The Hotel San Biagio is located at the top of a small street after the shopping mall at the left hand side.