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Any problems that crop up during registration will be documented here.

Credit card form won't work without tax codes

  • Without a P.Iva/Cod. Fis., there doesn't seem to be a way to pay by credit card.
  • Suggested fix (not confirmed): enter 000 in this field:
 "The website doesn't check the "codice fiscale" field, any
  number would do (e.g. "000"). I can't check whether this is the case
  unfortunately. I assume that since many from Europe registered correctly the
  problem is something else. She said that when the information is incomplete
  you're sent back to the form (without any message)."

Credit card form is in Italian

Mediaterraneo have just posted the form for credit card registration and payment, and it is in Italian. Until this is fixed, here's a dictionary of relevant terms.

The original:


  • You select the summer school from a drop-down box.
  • You fill up a Italian-laden page with your information.
  • You then go through a kind of shopping cart series of pages to select what kind of registration you want, and how many. Italian, but fairly easy to understand.
  • Then there is credit card payment - this page has English!

Translation of terms:

(caveat: translation by an Italian beginner, not a native)

  • Scheda Iscrizione = Registration Form
  • Cognome = Family name
  • Nome = First name
  • Istituzione = Institution
  • Via = Street address
  • CAP = ZIP code
  • Citta = City
  • Prov. = Province/region/area (leave blank if this doesn't apply)
    • There is no field for country! However, later, in the credit card payment page, there is a place for country.
  • Tel/cell = Telephone, cell/mobile phone
  • C.F. / P. IVA = Identifying numbers (codice fiscale / IVA) - if you don't have such things in your country, I guess put "n/a"
  • Dati per fatturazione = details for invoicing. If needed in the receipt, put VAT number and/or social security number (SSN or TIN).
  • Solo per corsi ECM = Only for ECM courses, whatever they are. You don't have to fill in any information in this box.
  • I dati da Voi gestiti o successivamente da Voi comunicati saranno trattati dalla scrivente in conformità al DLGS 196/2003. La completa informativa è richiedibile presso i nostri uffici = this tells you how your data will be treated, and that you can get full information from their offices.
  • Invio = Send
  • Cancella = Cancel
  • Richiesta d'iscrizione inoltrata con successo! Per acquistare clicca qui. = request for registration sent successfully! To pay/purchase, click here (click on the "qui").
  • Acquista l'evento = pay for the event
    • Choose standard or special registration (again?)
    • Make sure the terms (in English) are what you expect
  • Costo = cost
  • iva incluso = tax included
  • Persona/e = how many people
  • Torna indietro = go back
  • Prenota = book/reserve place

At this point there is a "shopping cart" summary of what you are booking.

  • Aggiungi corso = add a course (you don't need this)
  • Aggiorna = update
  • Svuota carrello = empty shopping cart
  • Elimina = remove
  • Codice = code
  • Prezzo = price
  • Q.ta = quantity
  • Torna indietro = go back
  • Avanti = go ahead

Finally! Credit card info!

  • DATI TITOLARE CARTA DI CREDITO = details of card-holder (person whose name is on credit card)
  • Yay! English translations of fields!
  • Nominativo/i per i quali si effettua il pagamento dell'iscrizione = The person or people for whom the payment is being made
  • P.Iva/Cod. Fis. = tax number or Italian identifying number ("codice fiscale"). IT IS NOT CLEAR WHAT TO DO HERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! It has been suggested to enter 000. If this works, please tell vvv09-admin@robotcub.org